Superfly is a remake of the classic blaxploitation crime drama about a young criminal who is trying to break free from thug life. G2G Movies Watch Superfly Plot Superfly – the film that helped define a genre in its characters, look, sound, and feel – is reimagined with Director X, director of legendary music videos […]


Detroit is a drama based on the 1967 race riots in that city that claimed the lives of three people. G2G Movies Watch Detroit Plot A police raid in Detroit in 1967 results in a multi-day riot. The story is centered on the Algiers Motel incident, which occurred in Detroit, Michigan on July 25, 1967, […]

Watch Keanu Online

Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele star in the comedy Keanu, as two friends posing as drug dealers to get back a stolen cat. G2G Watch Keanu Movie Rell (Jordan Peele) becomes attached to an adorable kitten named Keanu while dealing with a painful breakup. But when he returns home one night with his cousin Clarence […]