In Dolittle, Robert Downey Jr. plays the famed doctor who could talk to animals as he embarks on an epic adventure to save a princess. G2G Movies Watch Dolittle Plot After losing his wife seven years earlier, the eccentric Dr. John Dolittle (Robert Downey Jr.), famed doctor and veterinarian of Queen Victoria’s England, hermits himself […]

Home Again

Reese Witherspoon stars in the comedy Home Again as a woman who moves back to her hometown after separating from her husband. G2G Movies Watch Home Again Plot her estranged husband (Michael Sheen) reenters the picture. Candice Bergen co-stars in this romantic comedy written and directed by Hallie Meyers-Shyer. HOME AGAIN stars Reese Witherspoon as […]


Passengers Passengers is a science fiction adventure thriller starring Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence as two people who wake up 90 years too soon from an induced hibernation on board a spaceship bound for a new planet. G2G MOVIES – DOWNLOAD AND WATCH MOVIES FREE ONLINE!! G2G Movies Watch Passengers Plot Jennifer Lawrence and Chris […]