Bad Samaritan

BAD SAMARITAN is a terrifying cautionary tale of two thieves uncovering more than what they bargained for when breaking into a house they thought would be an easy score.

G2G Movies Watch Bad Samaritan Plot

A valet (Robert Sheehan) develops a clever scam to burglarize the houses of rich customers. Things go smoothly until he robs the wrong customer (David Tennant), and discovers  a woman being held captive in his home.   Afraid of going to prison, he leaves the woman there and makes a call to the police, who find nothing when they investigate. Now, the valet must endure the wrath of the kidnapper who seeks revenge on him, all while desperately trying to find and rescue the captive woman he left behind.

G2G Movies Watch Bad Samaritan Cast

David Tennant as Cale Erendreich
Robert Sheehan as Sean Falco
Carlito Olivero as Derek Sandoval
Kerry Condon as Katie
Jacqueline Byers as Riley Seabrook
Lisa Brenner as Helen Leyton

G2G Movies Watch Bad Samaritan Movie Info

Rating: R
Directed By: Dean Devlin
Written By: Brandon Boyce
Runtime: 107 minutes
Studio: Electric Entertainment


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