Johnny English Strikes Again

Rowan Atkinson is back as the bumbling secret agent in the action comedy Johnny English Strikes Again.

G2G Movies Watch Johnny English Strikes Again Plot

Rowan Atkinson returns as the much-loved accidental secret agent in “Johnny English Strikes Again”. When a cyber-attack reveals the identity of all active undercover agents in Britain, the country’s only hope is called out of retirement. English’s new mission is his most critical to date: Dive head first into action to find the mastermind hacker. A man with few skills and analogue methods, English must overcome the challenges of modern technology-or his newest mission will become the Secret Service’s last.

G2G Movies Watch Johnny English Strikes Again Cast

Rowan Atkinson as Johnny English
Olga Kurylenko as Ophelia
Ben Miller as Angus Bough
Adam James as Pegasus
Emma Thompson as the British Prime Minister
Jake Lacy as Jason Volta
Pippa Bennett-Warner as Lesley
Miranda Hennessy as Tara
Irena Tyshyna as Viola Lynch
David Mumeni as Fabian
Tuncay Gunes as Ted Guest
Samantha Russell as the Prime Minister of Sweden
Nick Owenford as an Australian aide
Junichi Kajioka as a Japanese diplomat
Matthew Beard as P
Pauline McLynn as Mrs Trattner

G2G Movies Watch Johnny English Strikes Again Movie Info

Rating: PG
Directed By: David Kerr
Written By: William Davies
Runtime: 88 minutes
Studio: Universal Pictures


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